Nothin' but good news today

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After 2-days of frustration, I have nothing but good news to report today...

1) Installers came and set up Lucinda's baby grand piano. Looks awesome in the living room and I can't wait to host new friends and have Lucinda play for them. Even sounds good, even though it needs to be tuned. The wood floors resonate differently than the carpeting in the old house.

2) The Blinds guy came and installed blinds in the Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Guest Room/Office and the Living Room. No problems, everything looks good and functions properly. And with the blinds, we now have privacy, which is also nice in such an urban location :-)

3) DirecTV guy came - late, but he came. In about 3.5 hours, he installed a 3-LNB dish and helped me run lines to the 2 locations that needed them. This was a non-trivial operation which included entirely too much time spent in the uber-hot attic space fishing lines into the playroom. I now have 2 operational TiVo's and am a very happy camper. DirecTV rocked in the end. See previous posts about Comcast and DirecTV for the backstory.

4) Josh, Sam and I had a very productive morning. We finished building the Rocket Ship in the play room, unpacked every single box in Josh's bedroom and I finished the master boxes as well. In all, a very productive day on the unpacking front.

So today makes up for most of the previous couple of days. We had a couple of "issues" with the house. The builder, who lives just a couple doors down, came over and helped us out. All but one was easily solved/understood and the only outstanding issue is in capable hands and should be resolved in short time.

Ahhh, to relax is so nice... I just received an e-mail from Verizon telling me my DSL line (3 MB download speed) is active and ready to use. Problem is the telco lines from the street are not run to the house, so I have neither a house phone nor DSL capabilities. Doh! Hopefully that will be done in the next couple of days.