Saving the Earth vs Curing AIDS - a dichotomy?

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We were watching either the Colbert Report or John Stewart's The Daily Show last week when during the interview segment, they had an environmentalist on the show to hype his new book. His thoughts, plans and observations were all good.

I'm no enviro-nut, but I think a lot of little changes can make a big difference. When I was a kid, they told us we'd run out of gasoline by the year 2000. Now they don't even talk about running out of oil, but rather how we're changing the environment by using so much of it. Times change, the environmental doom sayers simply change their message by the decade. Whatever.

But this guy said a couple of interesting things. He was talking, rightly so, that the developing nations are producing a vast amount of pollution and it's more important to bring them into the 21st century than it is for us to further refine our pollution in the 1st world. It was nice to hear someone say that on TV. My problem with the Kyoto Accord is that it doesn't cover developing nations. We could cut our emissions by huge percentages, but places such as India, China and developing areas of Africa will un-do those changes in a years time by building new, inefficient, factories, power plants and putting cars on the roads that are unacceptable by Western standards. We need to bring these societies up at the same time, even if at partially our (Western Civilization's) expense.

So this guy changed topics from reducing carbon emissions and such to curing AIDS which is rampant in both Africa and India. He talked of directing resources to those countries AIDS efforts.

This got me to thinking, just thinking, not commenting, thinking...

Is curing or curbing AIDS deleterious to world-wide environmental health?

Not saying I, my Christian Ethic or a proper-thinking environmentalist would think it is, to the extent of not working on the AIDS crisis in developing nations. Let us not forget the ZPG freaks from the 80's and that the founders of popular-today Planned Parenthood have their roots in overpopulation programs. Billionaire philanthropists such as Warren Buffet & Bill Gates work specifically to lower the planet's population.

I thought it interesting that an environmentalist would speak on national television about cutting our impact on the land and specifically how developing nations are a problem in this respect and then transition right into the AIDS crisis in those same developing nations. He wanted to help and never hinted at the question I posed above. But I couldn't help but think of it once he put the dots on the paper for me to connect.

From Wiki re: ZPG

Zero population growth is often a goal of demographic planners and environmentalists who believe that reducing population growth is essential for the health of the ecosphere.