You are the (Blue) Devil, and the Devil is bad...

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with apologies to The W's...

#9 ranked Pittsburgh Panthers (Hail To Pitt!) played a strong 1st half of the 1st half, went on a 6 minute hiatus and I wrote them off while down 12 at the half.

The first 10 mins of the 2nd half were much of the same, nothing working. Hit record on the TiVo and switched channels to the Steeler game on the NFL Network.

At half-time of the Steeler game, I went back an watched Pitt pull closer and closer ... then take the #7 ranked Duke Blue Devils into overtime. Sweetness Baby! They won on a Lavance Fields 3-pointer with 4.7 seconds remaining.

They played a relatively weak pre-conference schedule, but they played those games very well and had a couple of tests thrown in. They played at times like a Top 10 team tonight, at times like the Pitt teams of old. Them hanging in there and pulling out the W tells me that for the first time in a LONG TIME they should actually advance PAST the Sweet 16 this year. Perhaps I should continue my sporting milestones and get tickets to the Final Four... Hmmm, wonder what I'm doing the 1st week of April 2008???

Hail To Pitt! Beat Penn State! (sorry, it's just so natural)

Note: The Penguins won in OT tonight (shootout) and the Steelers are man-handling the Rams and should win on national TV as well. So all in all, a very good night for a Pittsburgh sports fan. Although Pitt had an injury (Cook) and the Steelers leading rusher, Parker, is out for the season. So we look to have won a bunch of battles tonight, but the war may go against us. argh