Free Speech or lack thereof

by pittcaleb Email    1489 views

Hey, I'm not ragging on the US Government today! Seems the Brits who are good enough to be invited to the 208 Beijing Olympics in Communist China, with Human Rights abuses too numerous to list, are being required to sign a contract stating they won't say anything about China during their stay:

Graham Nathan, spokesman for the British Olympics Association (BOA), told CNN that "British athletes will have to sign a contract promising not to comment on any politically sensitive issues."
"They, I think, have rather over-interpreted (the IOC charter) by making all our athletes sign this declaration.

"I think that given America, Canada, Australia are explicitly saying that their athletes can say what they want when they go to Beijing, I think it is inappropriate to put this restriction on our athletes."

There is no normalcy in the world today my friends, none whatsoever. What power does China hold over Britain that they would force their athletes to sign these documents?