Double Standards

by pittcaleb Email    728 views

Inconsistent beliefs, rules and actions disturb me much more than those I simply disagree with. i.e. I don't agree with a single thing Ohio Congressman Dennis Kuchinch believes in, but I have respect for him. John Kerry, on the other hand, I have no respect for due to his flip-flopping.

That said, it seems Herzl/Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy's boys basketball team is pretty good this season. Unfortunately the championship game is on a Saturday. The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) refuses to even consider moving the date of the championship, stating, if they "refuse to play a Saturday game, another school would be chosen to take its place," (CHSAA commissioner Bill Reader).

One could argue that they're not going to start the game of pandering to every religion out there - if they did, perhaps they'd only be able to play games on Tuesday's from 3:30 - 4:30 within a week of a full moon on even numbered days but never on a leap year. Respect the consistency of the CHSAA, not the position.

But it seems the CHSAA "has a rule barring games from being played on Sunday for religious reasons." Idiots, bigots and flip-flopper's. They should all lose their jobs.