Feel good story of the day

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While at the grocery store today, Josh asked me about the frequent shopper card I had to present to the cashier in order to get my discounts. You know the drill, your key chain has 4 of them attached, doesn't it?

The bagger at our local Super Stop & Shop is there often when I am. He suffers thrives with what I believe is Cerebral Palsy. He has some sort of genetic disorder while being the nicest guy in the store. He often bags our groceries.

Josh asked a follow-up about the stupid card and why we need to use it and such and I said, very politely, "yada yada yada" and he asks again, "why" to which I responed, "because we're special." (in that not "everyone" gets the discount, only 'special' people do)

Immediately after that our bagger looks at me, then Josh and says straight to Josh, "You are special."

An awesome way to start the a busy day from someone who knows the real meaning of special!

Off to watch some olympics and then rant away. Did I mention NBC showed the entire 50km Mens Race Walking event today, but only about 2 minutes of the women's javelin and maybe a minute of the mens triple jump? I miss my field events - they have a soccer and basketball channel on the satellite. What I would have given for a track & field channel! I watched the first 2 events of the heptathelon and only the first 2 of the decathelon! They even promised "more coverage in prime time" but I saw nothing for either. I guess I didn't wait to rant today, did I? I am special, and so are you! Where is Staurt Smaley when I need him? Hint: He's running for US Senate in Minnesota