PittCaleb's Day Off

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Today was a day that is a milestone in every stay-at-home parent's life. The day when even for just 2 hours, you have life to yourself. When you can do anything you want to do. All (in my case, both) the kids are in school (mine=1 in 2nd grade, the other starting pre-school from 12:00 - 2:30).

So what to do? Spend the afternoon in the Jacuzzi tub watching downloaded iTunes video's on the laptop sitting on a chair beside the tub? (yeah, tell me you haven't done this!) Dive into the honey-do list? Work on the car or clean the garage? (you know, guy stuff) Maybe make yourself a nice lunch and eat in peace in front of last nights ballgame?

Well, I accomplished none of what I had planned. After spending 2 hours driving with trailer to get my lawn tractor from the repair shop in the AM with my pre-school son, I biked him to school (only 1 mile, too far to walk, too short to drive). Got home and unloaded the tractor (solo, no small feat).

With a borrowed trailer for the day, why don't I go get mulch that my wife has so been longing for. Grabbed a tarp from the shelf and headed out. He fit 2 yards in my dinky trailer, overflowing with mulching goodness. Oops, brought the wrong tarp. It's at least 3 times larger than necessary. Spend 15 minutes strapping the tarp down so the local cops won't yell at me for pelting following cars with detritus (eric word there).

Get home, back into the rear of the property. This is gonna be easy - this trailer articulates and I can simply dump it out. Except that it's fully loaded and no 4 people I know are strong enough to lift this thing. Start shoveling.

Keep shoveling. Keep shoveling. Keep shoveling. When i finally got enough out that I could lift it, the mulch didn't slide out, so it was of no use to me. 45 minutes later, the bed is empty.

But it's a borrowed trailer. Better get the power wash and clean this thing out for them. Finally, return the trailer. Got home just in time to switch to the bike to get my son from pre-school. Where did my Daddy-time go?

Another mom invites us for ice cream after 1st day at school. We do that, then bike to the elementary school to pick up my eldest. Then home, finally. Did you notice I never ate in there? I am exhausted, hungry and just plain old pooped. But gotta blog about it all first, where are my priorities?

I don't know if I should be looking forward to Tuesday or not! Got more done today than I have all week, but man, at what cost?