Bunch O' Links

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Even though I have been faithfully blogging over the past couple of weeks, the links and FireFox tabs still collect and today is the day to ditch them all. So sit back and enjoy a bunch o' links courtesy of PittCaleb:

A woman is sued for HYPERLINKING to a police departments web site! Just so I can get in on the action, here's the web site of the Sheboygan, WI police department! The Comments on the Boing Boing page are interesting too.

A great article on the "Facebook Generation's" pointless protests. You know, "1,000,000 million people..." [against The New Facebook | against Sarah Palin | for Barack Obama] Great read, give it a minute of your time...

I had an actual program years ago to print customized graph paper. Who knows what computer that was on or where it is now. Thankfully the web has resurrected a way to get this stuff on an ad-hoc basis.

While researching the recent failure on the Hubble Space Telescope, I found this page with some of the best, and public, images taken by the space telescope. Simply amazing!

If you're a baseball fan and have ever chased down a foul ball in the stands, you'll enjoy this interview by CBS News from a guy who has caught about 3,000 balls in the stands.

Lastly, that image at the top of this entry is from the National Geographic. It's a close-up of Squid Suckers - each 400 micrometers wide. Simply Amazing!