Gone... Like yesterday is gone...

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I found it just a tad bit ironic when last night I had to make a quick run to the grocery store to grab some eggs. I did so in my wife's convertible on a brisk Indian Summer night with temps of 66 in the dark of night. So I set out with the top down when Switchfoot's Gone started up on the iPod connected to her audio system. I cranked the knob as far as it would go...

As I rolled through the quiet of night, I approached a local funeral home that was so busy, cars were parked on the street and cops were helping direct traffic.

I couldn't help but think of the appropriateness of my listening and sharing Gone as all these people were saying goodbye to their friend/relative/neighbor.

Gone, like yesterday is gone,
Like history is gone,
The world keeps spinning on,
Your going going gone,
Like summer break is gone,
Like Saturday is gone
Just trying to prove me wrong
You pretend like your immortal your immortal

We are not infinite
We are not permanent
Nothing is immediate
We’re so confident
In our accomplishments
Look at how dark it is

Note: I am posting this shortly after my previous post about The Office and Battlestar Galactica. Please be sure to read that post and watch those videos!