Who do we look like?

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While poking around Facebook the other day, I noticed a friend had used a 'service' that did a celebrity face recognition and determined who they looked like...

So I did it, although not on FaceBook so the whole world wouldn't know - it claims I look 73% like Roger Federrer, but more interestingly, one of my top 5 actresses of all time, Natalie Portman and I had a 70% match! One could write a thesis of why I am in love with someone who looks so much like myself, but that's for another day and time...

They offered a page to compare your children to their parents, and I thought that would be amazingly cool... Josh is a SPITTING image of me and my father when we were children. You can't tell the difference in the baby pictures up to 18 months. So it was no surprise when Josh was "37% more like Dad" than mom. I thought it would have been higher though:

Now it's Sam's turn - people say he looks more like Lucinda:

Ouch... Sorry Lucinda. Here's hoping they got her musical and scientific skills and only my looks :-(