Why I love my job!

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I've always told people if there were a competition based on building the tallest block tower, coolest lego building or vehicle or most awesome Hot Wheels track, I would win hands down!

Lucinda was away on business earlier this week, so the boys and I had to find extra fun things to do. The best way to pass time - come up with a big project.

Over two days and countless hours (I believe 4-5) we built a fairly substantial Hot Wheels track. I still think we can do better, but I need batteries for my one accelerator (and need to buy additional ones).

So enjoy this video, which is cool in and of itself, and imagine yourself racing down a .55 mile (scale) mountain side road, dropping nearly 500 feet (scale) in 8.0 seconds (i.e. avg speed over the run of 247 MPH)!

Sit back, watch the video and enjoy me and my boys handiwork...

Note: Brian and I built a more interesting track in Michigan, which I do have on video "somewhere" - it was longer, had more obstacles (chair, bar, bar stool, pool table, accelerator, another bar stool, CD rack, chair, red stool and ended with a jump into a plastic bin. And all cars could complete that track, this track only about a dozen cars can make to the finish. Until I find more accelerators, I'm stuck. Hint Hint - Christmas present for me Josh!