Now this is just awesome!

by pittcaleb Email    1515 views

As an at least an in-spirit lifelong resident in the City of Champions, this is one of the coolest things I could ever enjoy...

I have seen all 4 of the Pirates World Series trophies on display in the Pirates offices, at the time in Three Rivers Stadium, and that was very cool. Back in the early 90's, the Carnegie Museum had a display of the, at the time, 4 Pittsburgh Steeler and 4 San Francisco 49'ers Super Bowl Trophies in the same display case. 49'er owner Eddie DeBartelo Jr was a Pittsburgh Native.

But to see all 3 major sport, current edition, trophies at once, now that would take the cake. We don't consider Philadelphia part of our "city" of champions nor Pennsylvania the "state of champions" - but none the less, it would be have been a cool site to behold. Only wish I knew about it in ADVANCE, not afterward. Harrisburg is only a few hours drive from here, would have made the trip had I known!