Things that make me sick: Hollywood Rape Apologists

by pittcaleb Email    1900 views

Film Director Roman Polanski, convicted in US court of rape some 30 years ago, fled to Europe to avoid jail time. He was recently detailed in Switzerland to serve his punishment and be extradited to the United States.

First the "French" defended him saying he was a good man, now Hollywood is defending him in this INSANE display on the female demographic show of The View (read the link folks).

Whoppi Goldberg spends considerable amount of time defending him, making differentiations between 'rape' and 'rape-rape' and wonders aloud if the girl wanted this to happen, etc. Hello, isn't Hollywood and this liberal mindset the place where all these protections came from in the first place? Why are these uber-liberal wind-bags now defending Polanski? Oh, it's because he's a part of the Hollywood Elite and they defend each other regardless of the heinousness of the crime.

Hollywood has long made me sick, this though takes the cake