You Go New Jersey!

by pittcaleb Email    1075 views

According to the Star Ledger:
Preliminary data released by the New Jersey State Police showed no traffic deaths during the three-day New Year holiday, the first holiday weekend without an auto fatality in the state in at least six years, a report in said.

In a state where driving is literally like taking your life into your hands each and every time you buckle up, I find this simply amazing! DUIs in NJ are commonplace and getting let off the hook for one even easier. My wife and I called in a DUI, followed the perp and led the police directly to him two weekends ago.

To think Newark had to wait all the way till the 3rd to record their first gun homicide. At that pace, they'll only net 121 murders, come on Newark, step up to the plate. Let's see some multiples in the next few weeks to get the stats back on the right side!

FTR, Newark recorded only 77 homicides in '09, up from only 67 in '08. I wish the Star Ledger kept better stats somewhere because seriously, I bet over 300 people were shot, just only 77 died. I'd love to know how many people were shot in Newark last year.