Praise of the Year (so far)

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I use this space quite often to rant against corporations that tick me off: Comcast, Verizon, Outback Steakhouse, Unions, etc.

It's relatively rare when I post glowing praise, although I have done that before (Evangel Church).

I'm in a good mood today: Someone bought my 5 year old son a Raptor EZ marketed by Discovery Kids (think Discovery Channel). Somehow between Christmas and today, the box was opened, against my protestations, and the instructions mis-placed/thrown away. I am an engineer, but this thing was a bit beyond my ability to quickly figure out. Alone and with enough time, yeah, I could do it, but not *with* my 5 year old son.

I Googled to my hearts content and found nothing. Discovery's store produced nothing. All i found was other people looking for the instructions themselves. Argh...

On the box right next to the Discovery Logo on the bottom was a logo for a company called SRM Entertainment. Googling provided no web presence, but I found a link on a business to business web page that had a phone number.

When I called, the receptionist admitted they had no web site and that they did in fact manufacture this kids toy. Better however was that she offered to e-mail me the product manual!

It took an hour to receive, much to my boys discontent, but upon opening the PDF file, it appears she didn't just grab it from a corporate server, but that she scanned it in page by page, created the PDF for me and sent it off.

So Kudos to SRM Entertainment and Bonnie for making one child's day, and keeping a father sane! Now if only I could sell them a web site design to post the instructions for all their products for customers to download...