Updated Blog Look & Feel

by pittcaleb Email    1270 views

For the first time in entirely too long, I have updated the back-end software for this blog B2Evolution and installed a new skin, using some of the elements from 2 iterations ago of this blog (i.e. header graphic).

I always meant to re-work that pink/purple graphics package, but life got in the way. The new one appears to be much cleaner, has the official Pitt blue/gold color scheme and appears to have fixed a couple of broken issues I used to have.

I customized the sidebar a bit better as well. There you'll now find my live Twitter feed as well as a link to my "shared" items in Google Reader. I've started using Google Reader full time now on my desktop and Droid phone. Articles that I find interesting, I will "shared" via Google Reader for the public to view. Some of those articles I may eventually blog about, but others aren't comment-worthy, but I believe are worth your time to read. That link is one of many ways you can read those flagged articles.

Below the blog stats you'll find the re-appearance of my Blogroll. I updated it quickly. If you would like to be included, drop me a line and I'll consider adding you to the list. Those specifically are the RSS feeds I read myself in Google Reader.

Hope you enjoy the new format. I know I do, however, unfortunately, even with an upgraded back-end, the blog entry screen is basically the same - bummer... And no Smart Phone app yet either...