NJ on the right track?

by pittcaleb Email    1389 views

I don't think anyone would argue that the state of NJ, it's politics or politicians are just downright corrupt to the bone.  This state is in such a, well, state, that I just read an article about an official in Jersey City who was forced to give up his county-issued vehicle due to a corruption probe only to simply get one from the city job he holds.  Yeah, NJ Politics, and thus the use of tax money, is so messed up...

But then I read articles like this one.  Newly elected Governor Chris Christie is 86'ing all these independant commissions that have un-checked power & ability to spend money.  This is why we elected him Governor!

Then this report comes out, via the Smoking Gun, showing once again how incredibly, well, I'll skip the adjective, Jersey union workers can be.  There are more than a handful of complaints by motorists on the Jersey toll roads (Garden State Parkway and Turnpike) about toll collectors.  Keep in mind, these toll collectors have been shown to rake in 6-figure salaries, plus benefits and generous retirement packages!

EZ Pass was supposed to minimize the number of these folks on the public payroll.  They can't lose their jobs fast enough in this persons opinion!  Those reports above, including the threat to strip search a motorist for being in the wrong lane, are reason enough to be an EZ Pass user!  Thankfully, I haven't had to interact with these folks in a decade!

Lastly in our NJ News Roundup for the day is another great move by the Christie Administration.  Seems his appointee, James Simpson, to both the Transportation Department and NJ Transit Board doesn't sit back and have jovial meetings as in years past.  He asks questions, wants answers and says NO!  An awesome read about how he shoots down $1.2 million building projects while calling out those who approved them.

I've long said, if we merely root out the corruption in this state, we'll do fine.  We spend more money doing nothing or paying off mobsters than we run in deficits.  The Turnpike Commissions is one of the worst offenders out there.  Perhaps this is a new era in NJ Politics.  Perhaps Christie will be a 1-term governor because the "powers that be" will see to this.  All I pray for is that every day he and his people make inroads to the graft and inbeddedness of corruption and simple "politics as usual" that run rampant in this state.  It is fixable, but we must eliminate the waste fist!