Place in this World

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I can not fully explain right now, but as the night continues and I grow tired, I felt it appropriate to share here some brief, albeit deep, thoughts.

I haven't posted here since April, 4 solid months ago. In that time, I have flown 2,000 miles to a family reunion, I have driven 2,000 miles on a mid-west road trip and have thoroughly enjoyed what I have been saying is "possibly my last summer with the boys."

This blog has been on my mind throughout this journey. I even composed a "goodbye" post once using the line that "all good things must come to an end" caped with "for every thing there is a season."

Alas, I have decided to just take the summer and come back re-invigorated. Although I have no idea what readership I have remaining...

As I leave this nugget of information, let me tease you with this... In church last week, I specifically prayed that the Lord would show me "my place in this world" - yeah, that ancient Michael W Smith song popped into my brain during worship. Why I don't know, but it did.

For the past few months, I have felt myself in a period of transition. Tomorrow will be a key date in said transition. For the good or the better, tomorrow will commence 'change.' Change can take many forms - it can be noticeable, tangible, today is different from yesterday change. Or it can be more subtle in that "things have changed." None the less, change is in the air, and I am thrilled for it - one way or the other.

Perhaps it's me, but I enjoy change. Part of the reason is that change shuffles the deck. People get comfortable in what they are doing, change puts people on a level playing field. If at work, your boss changes, the old guard, the old boys club no longer has clout and everyone's back to square one, earning what they get, not getting what they earned under previous regimes politically. Change is good. The books written on change started as "Who moved my cheese" to "Our Iceberg is Melting" - vastly different philosophies, IMHO.

I've spent a considerable amount of time in the past few months in The Word, I've spent a lot of time this past week in prayer and I've spent a lot more time the past few nights working on financial spreadsheets. I've come to one conclusion: My life, my well being, my family, my needs are in the hands of the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

I've reached two conclusions over the past few days. One is mine and says one thing. The other is that a serve a God who is so big, He "daily loads us with benefits." When I read that this morning, I imagined a dump truck backing up to off-load its cargo - benefits. Like a Woot-Off - you never know what's in there, but you know it's something awesome!

So perhaps I'm getting all sentimental because my iTunes is stuck on a MWS streak as I write this, or perhaps it's because I'm tired, or moreso, it's because... well, who knows...

Note: The last time I quotes MWS publicly was when we moved to Michigan and I used "Go West Young Man" as our theme for the trip ;-)