Android Intellectual Property Theft

by pittcaleb Email    1645 views

I woke up very early and was the 1st in line at my local Verizon Wireless to get the original Droid last November. I've loved it every day since and can't remember life before. This coming from someone who owned a Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm V, Garmin iQue (which ran Palm OS 5.0) & Palm Treo 650.

Having instant access to my information "in the cloud" is simple amazing. I may have been a bit late to the game (i.e. well past you iPhone users video NSFW due to language after about a minute) but I attempted to be here first with my Treo purchase, but the phone/pda just didn't do what I wanted it to do.

I have started developing on the Android platform and am looking for ways to monetize that activity as you read this blog. Thus it came as a shock that the Android name and logo appear to have been lifted from a very old and obscure video game. Give this article a read for the full details. Thoughts?