Government can't do anything right, or could they?

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Rewind if you will back to the OJ Simpson trial. Teh defense argument can be summed up in but two sentences:

The LAPD is a bunch of bumbing fools and don't know what they're doing, our client is innocent. The LAPD is the brightest government agency on the planet and have concocted a large-scale plan which included the murder of two people, the planting of evidence and arrest and trial of our client - he is innocent, everything you have seen in this trial is the mastermind of the LAPD and they have covered everything up. (65% of African American's believe OJ Simpson was framed by the LAPD)

Those two ideologies confused the jury enough that Simpson was found not guilty at his criminal trial. But how can you argue both scenarios?

Well, they're at it again. If you recall, the Bush administration are the laughing stock of geopolitics, yes? They're idiots. They believe in yellow cake in Africa, that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and couldn't run one, let alone two, wars in the middle east. Bush and his cronies are complete fools.

On the other hand, there are unfortunately growing numbers of groups claiming that "the government" created the plan and destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

So these folks are saying that the very same people projected as bumbling idiots were able to get a dozen people (supposedly Americans, not middle easterners) to fly airplanes into the World Trace Center and Pentagon, which has previously been laced with explosives, such that after a period of time, they were set off, bringing down the towers.

Can you simply imagine the number of people who would have had to be involved to pull this off? That no one has come forward to this point? Yeah, yeah, I know, they're secreted away to some remote island living with virgins and sipping adult beverages. Oh wait, that's the other team's plan for martyrdom.

Someone please explain to me how the "worst president ever" was able to pull this one off.